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Bulgaria: Bresto Field School 2017 - Academic Credit through UCLA


Project Overview

The Bresto Excavation Project is located in the mountains of southwestern Bulgaria. This project explores a fortified settlement from the second half of the 2nd millennium BCE. Bresto was founded during the decline of Troy and the fall of both the Hittite Empire in Anatolia and the Aegean palatial civilizations. After the collapse of these polities, new kinds of networks emerged in the Aegean, where former “fringe” areas became important hubs for the exchange of objects, ideas, and practices. Only 80 miles away from the Aegean Sea, Bresto presents many challenges for excavations, including complex stratigraphy. The site is protected by two large fortification walls, one of which has vertical offsets similar to the slightly earlier fortification of Late Bronze Age Troy. An international team of scholars from Bulgaria, Germany, and the US is currently attempting to better understand the story behind Bresto and its place in the transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age. The excavation conducted for the last five years shows that despite Bresto’s location in a marginal mountain valley nowadays, economic and social life flourished at the site during the 13th–12th century BCE. The 2017 season at Bresto aims to address important questions about Bresto’s economy, political structure and its relationships to the landscape – both physical and cultural.

Program Director: Dr. Philipp Stockhammer, Asst. Prof. Bogdan Athanassov 
Course Dates: July 24-August 21, 2017
Application Deadline: July 22, 2017
Tuition: $4,650
Credit: 12 UCLA credit units 

Accommodations: In Hotel Pri Spaska (Spaska’s) in Banya, Municipality of Razlog, Bulgaria. Comfortable rooms with 2-3 beds and private bathrooms with shower and WC (tap hot water comes from a geothermal spring). Cheap laundry service and free Wi-Fi are provided. Students are not expected to bring any additional equipment, sleeping bags or towels. MEALS: Three meals (Balkan cuisine) per day are provided. Meals usually take place in the hotel’s restaurant. Brown-bag-lunches will be provided during excursions. This field school can accommodate vegetarians and individuals with lactose-intolerance diet. Vegan, kosher, gluten-free restrictions or other diets are impossible to accommodate at this location.

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