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GIS Technician. Permanent or Contract



Curriculum Vitae

579 Friedman Ln., Paducah, KY 42001

 (270) 331-1804




Matthew has earned a Certificate in GIS as well as a major in Archaeology with a minor in Geology. Working as a GIS Technician at the U.S. Forest Service and Vectren he has had a chance to gain experience by managing, updating, and insuring the quality of extensive cultural resource and utilities databases. He also worked as a Cultural Resources Management Technician for surveys across much of the U.S. He is interested in a career in GIS focusing on CRM due to his passion for cultural resources and the powerful potential of GIS to detect hidden patterns in the archaeological record and its associated landscape, aiding our understanding of past human behavior.



·         Certificate in GIS: Completed an intensive, hands-on program focusing on the use of the ESRI ArcGIS software suite for various geospatial tasks, with assignments simulating real situations facing many industries and a variety of fields. Areas of study include:


·         Python Scripting

·         Model Builder

·         3D Analyst

·         Cartographic presentation

·         GPS and remote sensing

·         Data creation, digitization, conversion, analysis, and editing

·         Geodatabase structuring and data management

·         Relational databases, joins, and relates

 ·         Geoprocessing

 ·         Georeferencing

 ·         Network Analyst

 ·         Use and creation of orthophotos, DEMs, and topographic maps

 ·         Geographic and projected coordinate system conversions

 ·         Spatial Analyst

 ·         Structured Query Language

 ·         Topology

 ·         Metadata

·         Experience operating Trimble handheld GIS units loaded with Terrasync and USGS topographic maps to locate, survey, and record information for survey tracts and landmarks. Experience utilizing Pathfinder to ready GPS data for use in ArcGIS.

·         Experience navigating, managing, and updating subsets of enterprise GIS databases, including accurately deriving spatial information from paper documents to update features.

·         Education creating detailed GIS thematic maps for various uses and across many fields. Experience creating survey area and site maps for cultural impact assessment reports sent to the Colorado State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

·         Extensive experience with Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point, Access, and general Windows OS. Built a customized Windows PC from individual retail components.

·         Education in utilizing a total station for GPS coordinate collection and elevation mapping.

·         Education in utilizing Golden Software’s Surfer software for the plotting of total station-derived coordinate data.

·         Knowledge of the principles of 2D drawing for maps, sketches, plans, etc.

·         The use of a Canon EOS Rebel T2i digital camera and photo editing software.

·         Experience working extended hours for multiple months, often in inclement weather and a variety of settings, including woodland, agricultural fields, rugged hills, and developed areas.

·         Knowledge of concepts of geology, geoarchaeology, paleontology, and soil science through a completed minor in Geology. Cooperatively authored a soil identification and composition report as a capstone project.

·         Self-motivated, detail oriented, adaptive, flexible, and able to multitask and prioritize.

·         Experience working in a cooperative team environment as well as alone with minimal supervision to meet project deadlines.

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·         Proficient in Spanish reading and writing.



Seasonal GS-06 Archeology Technician

U.S. Forest Service; Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest/

Thunder Basin National Grassland, Steamboat Springs, CO

Supervisor: Bridget Roth

May 2016 – October 2016


Primarily responsible for ensuring the accurate and complete migration of surveyed acreage and archaeological site polygons to a new, agency-wide natural resources and project database. This database will seamlessly link spatial and descriptive data of all current and archived Forest Service endeavors. Assisted with field work survey to record cultural resources in the Forest’s boundaries and assess the possibility of disturbance by future Forest Service endeavors.

·         Digitized archived surveys and archaeological sites for the Hahn’s Peak, Yampa, Parks, and Brush Creek/Hayden districts that were not previously entered into the Forest’s Heritage geodatabase. Accomplished this by digitizing from existing thematic maps with topographic bases.

·         Responsible for managing priorities and working independently while still communicating regularly with supervisors and fellow GIS staff about progress and issues, with a firm deadline of October 1st for all assigned database management duties in mind.

·         Developed familiarity with the Section 106 process as it pertains to cultural resources on federal and public land.

·         Entered attribute data for survey and site polygons derived from existing project and cultural resource reports.

·         Operated Trimble handheld GPS units to navigate to project areas, track acreage surveyed, and record cultural resources located during survey.

·         With a data driven pages index, produced completed survey or site overview maps with all common map elements for use in project reports sent to the Colorado SHPO or for use by coworkers in other departments.

·         Processed GPS field data using Trimble Pathfinder and incorporates into Forest’s Heritage geodatabase.

·         Collaborated with other departments regarding observations in the field of interest to them or vice versa. Discussed methodologies and ideologies to foster cooperation. Shared observed safety and transportation conditions in the field.

·         Gained familiarity with the field operations of other departments, such as grazing and outfitting permits.

·         Assisted in the restoration of Hahn’s Peak Lookout Tower, a project funded and managed by the Forest’s Heritage department.

·         Assisted in recording detailed notes and photographing cultural materials and features located in the field, to be later used in project reports to the Colorado SHPO.

·         Traversed rugged backcountry forest trails and roads, including up to 12 miles hiking a day, to reach project areas. Camped near project areas for up to five nights.


Contract GIS Technician

Vectren Corporation, Evansville, IN

Supervisor: Rob Livers

September 2015 – May 2016

Updated, maintained, and insured the quality of Vectren's natural gas utilities GIS. Was granted tasks of increasing responsibility and complexity after only four months in the position, involving creating and editing main gas pipeline features over a wide area in newly developed properties.  Previously responsible for individual customer service pipelines extending from the mains.

·         Aided in the training of new employees in the same duties and procedures with which to perform them.

·         Added gas main and service line features to new residential, commercial, and industrial tracts using Pictometry, ArcGIS aerial imagery, and regional GIS databases to locate the tracts, as well as engineering sketches to accurately place the service.

·         Edited gas line features to account for decommissioning, resizes, and relocations.

·         Edited gas line feature attribute data in the geodatabase to assist field crew with future maintenance efforts or relocations.

·         Collaborated with co-workers within and outside the GIS department to ensure consistent database standards.


Contract Cultural Resource Management Field Technician

April 2012 - September 2015

Performed cultural resources survey work mitigating the effect of utilities, roadways, and other development on sites of historical and cultural significance for client businesses. Contractors include URS, Gray & Pape, HDR, Natural Resources Group, and Versar. Clients include the U.S. Air Force and Navy, Enbridge, and Williams Construction. Common tasks:

·         Aided crew chiefs and GPS specialists in locating tracts requiring cultural survey using topographic maps.

·      Performed excavation of shovel test pits to determine initial presence or absence of cultural artifacts and, if present, extensive excavation to record subsurface location and extent of artifacts.

·         Aided crew chiefs and GPS specialists in plotting coordinate grids, determining cultural site boundaries, and mapping artifact locations within excavation units.

·         Recorded detailed and accurate field notes for future analysis or to recommend further action.

·         Collected soil samples using augurs or cores to construct detailed soil composition and texture profile notes. Drew soil profile and plan-view maps.

·         Communicated with clients, landowners, and stakeholders in explaining the methods and purpose of cultural resources survey.

Technician Positions Include:




March-Aug   Archaeological Field Technician, Versar, Crew Chiefs: Dennis Knepper, Christopher Bowen, Inventory Phase I and II survey of Joint Base Charleston, North Charleston, SC.


Feb               Archaeological Field Technician, American Resources Group, Crew Chief: Bob Sadler

                     Inventory Phase I survey of Mark Twain National Forest, MO.




Sept-Nov       Archaeological Field Technician, Natural Resources Group, Crew Lead: William Eichmann

                     Phase I survey and monitoring of mechanical stripping operations for an Enbridge crude oil pipeline project in central Wisconsin.


May-Sept      Archaeological Field Technician, URS. Field Lead: Aaron Ridley    

                     Phase I survey for the Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline project in eastern Pennsylvania.


Mar-May      Archaeological Field Technician, HDR, Inc., Project Archaeologist: Ben Fullerton.

                     As part of a two-person team, conducted Phase I survey for a natural gas pipeline project in southwestern Pennsylvania.




Aug-Oct        Archaeological Field Technician, Gray & Pape, Inc., Field Leads: Terry Workman, Anne Moore.

                     As part of a two-person team, performed Phase I deep testing survey, using manual augers, in floodplains along Bluegrass natural gas pipeline survey corridor in central Kentucky. Phase I survey for the Evansville to Indianapolis, IN segment of the Interstate 69 survey corridor.




April-Dec      Archaeological Field Technician, URS. Field Lead: Aaron Ridley.

                     Phase I and II survey for the Flanagan South crude oil pipeline survey corridor in central Illinois, north-central Missouri, and southeast Kansas.


Volunteer Student Archaeological Field Technician,

General Lew Wallace Study and Museum/University of Indianapolis

Supervising Professor: Dr. Christopher Moore



                    As part of a small crew, performed screening and excavation for an intermittent Phase III survey of the reflecting pool on the grounds of the study. Conducted geospatial gridding using a total station in preparation for a future geophysical survey. Assisted public volunteers in performing basic archaeological excavation techniques and explaining the goals of archaeology.


Student Archaeological Field Technician

University of Indianapolis Field School

Supervising Professor: Dr. Christopher Moore

June-July 2011


Phase III survey of a Spanish missionary era site on Sapelo Island, GA, displaying evidence of both Spanish and native Guale habitation. Assisted professor in utilizing a total station to lay out excavation units. Phase I pedestrian survey at the former site of the 19th century village of Xenia, north-central IN.    



Undergraduate Lab Coordinator

Indiana Prehistory Laboratory at the University of Indianapolis

Supervising Professor: Dr. Christopher Schmidt

August 2011- December 2011


Assisted undergraduates on various lab projects to ensure quality work in time for deadlines. Managed a comprehensive lab database of artifact and equipment attributes, origin, and method of storage. Communicated with other faculty and associations on campus on how the lab can contribute to their endeavors or field of study.



Certificate in GIS, 2014

Western Kentucky University

GPA 4.0/4.0


BS Archaeology and Anthropology, Minor in Geology, 2011

University of Indianapolis

Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Dean’s List, GPA 3.8/4.0

Honors Project: Dietary Analysis of the Mebrak Civilization of Nepal Using Confocal Microscopy.


·         Archaeology Method and Theory

·         Archaeology Field Methods

·         Archaeology Lab Methods

·         North American Archaeology

·         Cultural Resource Management

·         Fundamentals of GIS

·         Geographic Information Systems

·         GIS Analysis and Modeling

·         GIS Programming

·         Historical Geology

·         Physical Geology

·         Paleontology

·         Geoarchaeology

·         Soil Morphology

·         Finite Mathematics

·         Statistics and Probability

·         Introduction to Drawing



·         Grohovsky, M.; Schmidt, C. Dietary Analysis of the Mebrak Civilization of Nepal Using Confocal Microscopy. Presented at the 127th Annual Indiana Academy of Science Meeting, March 10, 2012.

·         Grohovsky, M. Modern Tibetan Buddhism and Bon Folk Religion: Did One Influence the Other?             The Alpha Chi Recorder, 55 (1). April 2012. Available from LinkedIn profile.

·         Honors College of the University of Indianapolis

·         Alpha Chi National Honors Society, Indiana Eta Chapter

·         The Philip Young Memorial Award for Achievement in Archaeology, Honors College,    University of Indianapolis.

·         The Richard R. Priddy Award for Excellence in the Area of Geology, University of Indianapolis

·         D.J. Angus-Scientech Educational Foundation Award, Scientech Club of Indianapolis.

·         Anthropology and Archaeology Interest Group, University of Indianapolis; Treasurer, 2011,        Managed a student organization budget of $1,000. Sought out and successfully acquired $700 in funding to bring professional archaeologists to speak on campus.




Bridget K. Roth


U.S. Forest Service

925 Weiss Dr.

Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

(970) 870-2148

Mobile: (970) 691-0784


Rob Livers

Engineering Support Specialist

Vectren Corporation

1 N Main St

Evansville, IN 47711

(812) 305-6325


Kevin B. Cary, GISP

Instructor & GIS Director

Department of Geography and Geology

Western Kentucky University

1906 College Heights Blvd #31066

Bowling Green, KY 42101

 (270) 745–2981

Mobile: (270) 303-6023


Christopher Bowen

Crew Lead


6850 Versar Center

Springfield, VA 22151

(434) 284-3067


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