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Experienced Field-Tech, B.A. in anthropology, willing to travel


Curriculum Vitae

Tyler J. Rhoads


Contact Information


3813 Dicksonia Drive

Lexington KY 40517

Primary phone: (859) 421-6745







Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, University of Kentucky




Lexington Catholic High School


Field Experience




Volunteer project for Buffalo Trace with University of Kentucky Students: Excavations at the Riverside Building at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Field Director: Nicholas Laracuente

·         Test Unit Excavation

·         Phase II Excavation

·         Note taking

·         Feature excavation

·         Artifact recognition and retrieval

·         Photographic Documentation




Jack Jouette Archaeology Project, Joutte Distillery, Woodford County Kentucky. Field Director: Nicholas Laracuente

·         Shovel Testing

·         Phase II Excavation of 4x4 units

·         Artifact recognition and retrieval

·         Photographic documentation

·         Field note taking

·         Stratigraphic excavation

·         Feature Excavation







Jack Jouette Distillery Project: Epler Distillery, Woodford County Kentucky. Field Director: Nicholas Laracuente

·         Shovel testing 30x30 test units, round

·         Munsell

·         Field note taking

·         Artifact retrieval

·         Pedestrian Survey

·         Feature Excavation

·         Photographic Documentation



2014, 2015, 2016


Maya Research Program Field School, (University of Texas at Tyler), Blue Creek, Belize. Field Director: Tom Guderjan

·         Shovel Testing

·         Use of a total station

·         Site Mapping

·         Stratigraphic Mapping/profile drawing

·         Field note taking

·         Extensive use of Munsell soil charts

·         Photographic documentation

·         Artifact Classification and cataloguing

·         Geologic Core Extrusion

·         Use of GPS

·         Phase III excavation and re-examination of STR. 3 (2014)

·         Phase II & III excavation of STR. 10 (2015 & 2016)





SWCA environmental: San Gabriel Trench Project  phase I Survey. Field Technician I

·         Pedestrian roadside Survey/agricultural field survey

·         Shovel testing

·         Health and safety regulation compliance




Bioarchaeology intensive field school, Maya Research Program (University of Texas at Tyler) Blue Creek, Belize. Field Director: Hannah Plumer

·         Human Burial Excavation

·         Analyzation and reconstruction of Human skeletal remains

·         Burial Mapping

·         Recognition of Pathologies, Sex, Body Modification and regional variation among ancient Maya skeletons




Jackson Group Environmental: Mississippi Forestry Service Road Project I. Primary Survey of Delta and Bienville Nat’l Forest. Field Technician III

·         Pedestrian Survey of logging roads and open fields in Mississippi Nat’l Forest

·         Shovel testing of 30x30 round units at 30 meter intervals

·         Archival Research

·         Driving of company vehicle

·         Health and safety regulation compliance

·         July-August project duration



Laboratory Experience:




PAR laboratory artifact cleaning and analysis

·         Cleaning, identifying and sorting of artifacts

·          Cataloguing of artifacts


2014, 2015, 2016

MRP laboratory analysis

·         Cleaning and sorting of artifacts

·         Pottery reconstruction

·         Human Skeletal reconstruction, examination, identification (2015)

·         Cataloguing of artifacts

·         Geologic Core extrusion, reading and recording of Magnetic Spectrometry of extruded samples (2016)



Applicable skills and Background


Outdoor enthusiast


·         Avid Hiker, Backpacker, Camper

·         Experience in knot tying

·         CPR and First aid safety trained

·         Experienced in hydro engineering

·         Canoeing and Kayaking experience

·         Skills using knives and Machetes for survivalist purposes

·         Extensive use of GPS and Topographic Maps

·         Experimental Archaeology: University of Kentucky CATlatl club (building atlatls)

·         Carry Field tool bag (trowel/shovels, tape, munsell, first aid, other field equipment)




·         Eagle Scout (2006)

·         Welker Scholar recipient

University of Kentucky Honor Society


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