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NY based BA graduate looking for more job experience and skills training - willing to travel


Matthew Ryan Bestard

Address: 123 Kent Shore Drive, Carmel NY, 10512                                                                 Home Phone Number: (845) 225-5597

Email Address:                                                                        Cell Phone Number: (845) 803-1769

I'm looking for a temporary entry-level job, or internship that for the spring and or summer will help me get more archaeological experience and help train me in the use of total stations, GIS technology and other field-work and lab skills that can help me break into the field of archaeology. I am willing to travel.


  • State University of New York at New Paltz, BA, 2013-2015

    • Major: Anthropology

    • Graduated Summa Cum Laude

    • Awarded Anthropology Honors

    • Inducted into the Lambda Alpha Rho Anthropology Honors Society

  • State University of New York at New Paltz Summer Field School 2015

    • Gathered and analyzed the archaeological materials of Huguenot Street in the town of New Paltz, New York from prehistoric times to the colonial period.

    • Excavated, recorded features and artifacts. Drew scale drawings of floor, walls and artifacts. Organized stratigraphy using the Harris Matrix. Dug shovel test pits aligned with a grid using GPS, optical levels and tape measures. Gained experience clearing forested areas for survey and excavation. Analyzed debitage and created debitage type distribution charts for site records.

  • State University of New York at Purchase, 2011-2013

    • Major: History then changed to Anthropology

Work/Internship/Volunteer Experience

  • Michaels, Brewster NY, as a certified framer, 2016

    • Custom Framer – managed framing department, heavy customer contact.

  • Hudson Valley Cultural Resource Consultants, Ltd, Brewster NY, as an Archaeological Field Technician, 2016

    • Worked as a field tech assisting experienced archaeologists by carrying equipment, digging shovel test pits and recording data such as soil type, pit depth to subsoil and the recording of any artifacts found.

  • Sophia Monolith Experimental Archaeology Project, Center For Symbolic Studies, New Paltz NY, as a Volunteer, 2014

    • Scope of project: To use experimental archaeology to better understand how prehistoric peoples erected large stone monoliths with available technology and materials.

    • I along with 23 others moved a stone monolith from the ground onto log rollers using large branches and stones. Determined it was possible to move large stones significant distances without heavy machinery.

  • State University of New York at Purchase, Purchase NY, as a Teaching Assistant, 2013

    • Assisted students in a statistical math class

  • Children's Corner, Danbury CT, as an LIT (Leader in Training), 2009

    • Summer Camp


  • Basic excavation skills

  • Basic laboratory skills

  • Basic archaeological survey (surface and subsurface)

  • Munsell soil book

  • Harris Matrix

  • Soil screening

  • Compass navigation

  • Ability to read topographic maps

  • Very skilled with computers

  • Familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Languages in addition to English

  • Spanish


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