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Need guidance


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I have graduated from  college  with  a  Bachelors  degree in Anthropology  and have attended a field school. Currently  I  am  going to attend another field school or if I get accepted into the crow canyon internship  program. What else can I do that will help me  gain experience  which will get a full time  job  in cultural resource management? 

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Without a master's? Move to a city that has a bunch of CRM firms.

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Hello archys...long time lurker...first time poster... don't need an ass-load of field schools to gain experience. Honestly you are just blowing money and buying into the whole over educated debt slave mentality. You also do not need a Master's to obtain full time employment. What you do need is field experience. Flip the tables man, how about get a gig where they pay you instead of dumping money into some dopey expensive field school.

I would say start locally. Contact firms around where you live, and work as many projects as you can with them. Then you should hit the road. The internet is a wonderful tool my friend, there are lots of archaeology jobs that aren't advertised on this site. (I love archyfieldwork though, thanks Jen) Don't wait for jobs to be spoon-fed to you, take the initiative and look em up. Plainly, there is no easy way to just get a full time job unless you are banging somebody or related to some higher up in an established firm. Furthermore running towards a Master's program in all likelihood will not give you the common sense field experience you need to be successful in CRM.

Your best bet is to put in the time and work a couple years shovel bumming around. Hone your craft, learn, hike your ass off, and network, see if you actually like CRM archaeology BEFORE you blow at minimum another $40,000 on grad school.

-end ranting-

Happy Trowels to All :)

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Hello loamy lady thanks for the advice. 


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