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2017 OSU Historical Archaeology Field School


Please join us for Dr. David Brauner’s last field school! This summer, OSU will be conducting an 8-week field school at the hospital site of Fort Yamhill, Oregon, military fort that operated between 1856 and 1866. This fort was one of three built to monitor and guard the Coastal Indian Reservation that is now known as the Grand Ronde Reservation. This site offers a unique perspective of military life through the eyes of its medical staff that served not only the men stationed at Fort Yamhill, but also Native Americans, and settlers. Dr. David Brauner will be leading full block excavations of this site, exposing features that were partially uncovered during the 2016 field season. Students will learn how to conduct full, academic level, excavations, identify historical materials, and learn artifact preservation and curation techniques that are essential for a career in archaeology. No prior experience is necessary. For information, please contact Applications are due by June 15th. 
Download the field school flyer at:


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