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Can I bring my DOG??!!


Hi all,

Has anyone else ever brought along a dog while traveling for a field tech position?

In the past I've left my pup with relatives. But if the company is providing single room lodging and the hotel allows pets, would it be okay for me to ask to bring him? Or is this completely crazy/unprofessional/not cool?  I could cover any additional cost with the hotel, or put up a damage deposit, anything like that.

I brought this up before and have heard anecdotes about people who brought a pet on a project, but don't know anyone personally who has.

Thanks for any feedback!

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The trick is finding a motel that will allow pets. Not many do.You might have to find your own lodgings away from everyone else, which complicates things. And your pet will be stuck in your room all day, since it will not be welcome out in the field. This makes housekeeping unhappy.

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Thanks for the response!! I'd only bring him if the provided hotel allowed. Fortunately for housekeeping he is crate-trained, and he stays home all day sleeping anyway while I'm at school/non-fieldwork-work. I just didn't know how obnoxious/annoying/etc. this would come across if the hotel did happen to allow pets and I asked to bring him and cover extra costs myself.

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If you were willing to put up with the added expense, and if you were willing to stay someplace other than with the rest of the crew, and if the dog was one who could stay alone for a 10-12 hour work day, then by all means bring it. I have worked with people who brought their dogs along--3 out of 4 dogs were sweethearts, nicer than their owners. One was a stray puppy that was found on survey, and the poor thing trashed the motel room, which the rescuer got stuck with.

Some employers may have a policy about this, so check well in advance.

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Personally I love it when folks bring pups on the job, they are great to be around after a long soul crushing day on the pipeline for sure :)  I don't want to deter you but a couple things you may want to consider;

1) The expense; some hotels I've stayed at require a pet addition to a daily pet fee sometimes as much as $50 per day....there goes your per diem

2) Moving hotels on the fly; a few jackass companies like to make you check out in the morning, work that whole 8+ hour day, and then move hotels after work. So where does the pup go? 

Good luck to you and the pup!

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Definitely make sure that company doesn't have a specific policy against it. Have been actually asked to leave after bringing a pet. The company had a written down policy against. Hotel would have been fine with it. Also even when the company does allow it, they can make you move around without advance notice forcing you to pay multiple pet fees that can be hundreds. I have paid $150 fee per stay in one place and then was told to move to another hotel after 10 days (and pay again). Still, what would we do without our furry friends... Unfortunately I've had to put mine down since then for medical reasons and you never know when that's gonna happen... Find a balance between your loved ones, 2 or 4 legged ones and your work. Sorry, getting a little dark there maybe...


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