Topic ID #38344 - posted 5/8/2017 10:18 AM

Turnkey Sub Contractor - Crew Chief through Principal Investigator


Having escaped corporate CRM after a 14-year sentence, I am available to sub contract Crew Chief through Principal Investigator positions; technical writing, editing, quality control, and analyses in addition to fieldwork.

I Have:

·         39 years’ professional contract experience, RPA

·         All necessary equipment

·         Comprehensive liability insurance

·         ACA-compliant health care coverage

·         Supplemental accident and emergency room coverage

I Will Finance:

·         Up to 60 calendar days of travel, lodging, 4WD rental, and incidental costs for fieldwork

·         Reimbursable project-specific hardware, software, and equipment purchases as needed

I hold a current Colorado State Archaeological Permit and am permit-eligible (state and federal) in several additional states.

Email or call (720) 252-2329 for CV and further details.


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