Topic ID #38412 - posted 6/4/2017 7:01 PM

What happens to Toronto's artifacts?



Ronald Williamson hates to see Toronto continuously throw its history into the junkyard.

One recent story got him startled. A local archaeologist had a collection of various city artifacts sitting in his apartment. When he unfortunately suffered a brain hemorrhage and died, the landlord had the objects sent into the Michigan landfill.

“These are the stories of the creation of our land. So why aren’t these stories being cared for?” said Williamson, founder and senior archaeologist at Archaeological Services Inc. “It’s unfortunate that these artifacts are scattered all over the place, and many of them are not housed in good places.”

He’s helping to change that. This week, the council’s committee on planning and growth management will consider a report on the creation of a city owned archeological collections repository.


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