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Seeking work in New England.


Samantha Savory
Phone: 603-247-7760 

Master of Arts: Applied Archaeology, May 2015
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana PA 15705
Bachelor of Arts: Anthropology received May 2011
    University of New Hampshire, Durham NH 03824

Work Experience
June 2013- Present: Victoria Bunker Inc.
Assistant Field Supervisor: April 2016-Present
Work on Phase I and Phase II projects. 
Write daily progress reports of survey areas and communicate daily with field supervisor and data manager. 
Assist the field supervisor with laying out the grid and special transects, using a compass and tape. 
Create a site map of the survey area, including the grid, the landforms and any special features located on the site. 
Record and map features while in the field. 
Supervise the field technician, assign task, assure methodology is being implemented correctly, assist in identifying soil changes, and artifacts both prehistoric and historic. 
Write up all information about the survey area, methodology, artifacts recovered, soil structure, a description of the survey area, such as landforms and features, and the reasons that testing was conducted at the survey area. 
Conduct walk-over surveys to determine archaeological significance of an area, identify features if presents and determine culture resource sensitivity based on historic research and landscapes. 
Working on contentious projects. 

Field Technician: June 2013-April 2016
Excavation 50x50cm shovel test pits and 1mx1m units. 
Identify soil changes, and potential features in test pits while excavating. 
Identify artifacts in the field from screening, historic and prehistoric artifacts. 
Take thorough notes on the area that was tested, soils descriptions, artifacts counts. Fill out all the paperwork as directed. 
Walk long distanced on diverse terrain while carrying equipment necessary for excavation of shovel tests and units. 

May 2015-July 2015: University of Massachusetts Amherst Archaeological Services
Field Technician
Excavate Shovel Tests Pits
Record all information about the excavation unit, such as artifacts found, soil color and texture, as well as noting all essential information about the area around the excavation unit.
Draw profiles and floor plans when necessary.
Recognized artifacts, historic and prehistoric, and be able to determine soil changes and possible features within shovel test pits and 1m x 1m units. 
Work in the elements and walk long distanced while carrying all necessary equipment to perform excavation. 

August 2015: Gray and Pape Inc. 
Field Technician
Excavate shovel test pits, identify soils and artifacts while excavating. 
Work in the elements and walk long distances while carrying equipment necessary to excavate shovel test pits. 
Fill out all the paperwork, take notes on the excavated test pit, soil descriptions, artifacts, and information regarding reasons the test was excavation. 

August 2012 and October 2013:  Independent Archaeological Consulting Inc.
Field Technician
Excavate Shovel Test Pits and Units.
Recognized historic and prehistoric artifacts in in-situ and in a screen.
Draw wall profiles, take photographs of test pits when finished. 
Take thorough notes about excavation, including soil descriptions, artifacts, and descriptions of surrounding area. 
November 2014: Dynamic Environmental Associates, Inc. 
Research and write a cultural context statement of Vermont. 

January 2013-June 2014: Indiana University of Pennsylvania Archaeological Services Laboratory
Lead Laboratory Technician
Curate artifacts and all paperwork involved with sites to the 2003 Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Standards. 
Supervise curation of archaeological collections from Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. 
Create and maintain artifact inventories with Microsoft Access.
Identify historic and prehistoric artifacts.
Contacts possible land owners to gain permissions for artifacts to be sent to the museum.
Create files for all information regarding the sites, such as maps, field notes, photographs, background information, artifact catalog, and making copies of everything to have back-ups. 
Supervise laboratory technicians while they clean artifacts and assist in creating files for site information. 

September 2011-May 2012: Indiana University of Pennsylvania Archaeological Services
Laboratory Technician
Curate artifacts from several Pennsylvania Department of Transportation excavations, to bring site information to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission 2003 standards. 
Wash, counts, and relabel all artifacts to 2003 standards. 
Maintain artifact inventories with Microsoft Access.

References available upon request. 

Professional Presentations:
2013 Mid-Atlantic Archaeological Conference: Presented a poster; Habitat Preference, Seasonality and the Monongahela: A Faunal Analysis of the Johnston Site 36IN02.
2014 Society for American Archaeology Conference: Presented a poster; Brook Farm: A Ceramic Analysis of a Short Lived Utopia.


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