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B.A. holding Archaeologist, 6 years experience, Seattle area


I am moving to the Seattle area in about two weeks time and am looking for some work, full time or contract basis. I have attached my resume.

As an anthropologist and creative artist I connect the past to the present through my art and writings. I am a highly motivated divergent thinker who creates to evoke thought or just fun. The human element in anthropology, past and present, is very much part of my philosophy of who we are as a culture as a people, each individual with a story to document in art or writings. I am a dynamic, resourceful, detail oriented team leader who creates opportunities for others through workshops and field studies to discover, to accomplish, and to be exceptional. Dedicated to quality, continuous improvement, and bottom-line objectives, I understand the business of it all. As a facilitator of ethnographic research, survey methods, qualitative and quantitative methods I am able to work independently and generate meticulous detailed documentation or be part of an imaginative team of visionaries and doers.
          Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA                                  2014
    Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology
Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR                                  
Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL   
Independent Illustrator/Graphic Designer,      2009-Current
Accent Eyewear, Hillsboro, OR        2017-Current
Ophthalmic Technician
Black Sheep Creamery, Adna, WA     2013- 2016
  Marketing Coordinator//Artisan Cheese Maker//Farm Assistant 
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife           2015- 2016
Olympia, WA  
Cultural Resource Technician//Anthropologist
Tierra Right of Way        2015-2016
Cultural Resource Technician//Anthropologist
The Evergreen State College Field School          2015
 George Washington Bush Site 45-TN- 91H, Olympia, WA
Assistant Program Director
Public Speaker “Artifact Preservation” 
Public Speaker “On Migration: The Beringia Land Bridge Theory” 
Laboratory Artifact Preservationist
South Puget Sound Community College Olympia, WA   2012-2013
Fish Weir Stake Preservation, Chehalis, WA         2012- 2013
Artifact Preservation 
Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access 
Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, After Effects,  InDesign
    Artisan Bread: Working with and creating Levain, Laminated Doughs, Poolish, Biga, Sourdough. Mostly focusing on Italian, Sicilian, Spanish and Basque style breads. 
Illustration Digital and Traditional, Photography, Graphic Designer
2017 Artzain Libations Logo
2017 Personal Branding Logo
2016 Basketball Court Logo for Trinity Catholic High School
2015 Archaeological Illustration of a biface
2014 Archaeological Services, LLC. Site Monitor Archaeological Illustration of rock types and charcoal Napavine, WA
2008 Rhode Island School of Design Gallery Showing Providence, RI
2008  Graphic Design poster and brochure for Boston College Literary Symposium
 2009 Graphic Design poster and brochure for Boston College Literary Symposium
2008 “The Landing” Ocala, FL, photograph 
2009 Primary Gallery, Ocala, FL, Gallery exhibition of photography


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