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Timlin Site, Upstate NY - Early Man : discussion topic missing


Hello. A couple of years ago, while I was researching any updates on the Timlin Site in Cherry Valley, NY, I stumbled across a discussion about its validity here, and got involved. A few communications were exchanged with a small group of people, and I was contacted by the NY State Archaeologist at the time (I do not recall his name), regarding photos I had of the technical illustrations I worked on of artifacts from this site I drew when I was a student at Hartwick College. I created a Facebook "group" called Peopling of North America which is public, and posted the images there for anyone to see. 

I came back here to update the discussion thread because I recently purchased a pamphlet with additional photos of the artifacts, and have added the to the group mentioned above. Below is a link to this site.

You can also search "peopling of north america" on facebook.

I would be interested in reconnecting with the people from the "old" discussion thread, or anyone interested in this subject.

Thank you.

Becky Hopkins 

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Jennifer Palmer

Hi Becky. Unfortunately due to the sheer volume of message posts here, we can only retain so much before it is deleted.  If it helps at all, I've been able to find old content by searching through the Wayback Machine website:

Good luck to you,


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Charlie Hatchett

I believe I posted these papers and we had a discussion of the evidence presented: 

Timlin Site report:

Timlin Site rebuttals/rejoinders:


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