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Excavate with Crow Canyon Archaeological Center - College Field School 2018


May 20–June 23, 2018.

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center sponsors a college-accredited field school under the direction of Dr. Susan C. Ryan, the Center's Director of Archaeology. Undergraduate and graduate students may enroll for 6 credit hours, either in Anthropology 279 or 589, through Adams State University in Colorado ($55 per credit hour). The field school is certified as RPA-5 by the Register of Professional Archaeologists.

Priority application deadline: March 2, 2018. Fee $4100. 

For more information or to apply, visit our College Field School web page.

Through immersion in a five-week experiential learning program, students will learn the fundamental techniques of archaeological site identification and recording, excavation, and basic artifact processing and analyses. Additionally, students will learn instrument surveying and remote sensing surveying techniques. Evening programs, field trips, service learning projects, and attending public events expand on these essential skills and present real-world opportunities to learn about and practice archaeology. Students will work in groups throughout the program, rotating through the training modules that offer different but complementary skill sets. Students will interact with archaeological professionals while conducting fieldwork at the Haynie site, an ancestral Pueblo village with two Pueblo II (A.D. 950–1150) great houses.

Read about our work at the Haynie site in the
New York Times.
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Crow Canyon is located in Cortez, CO near Mesa Verde National Park.


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