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Gotland Archaeological Field School

Gotland Field School

Gotland, a Swedish island situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea, has a tremendously rich heritage, particularly when it comes to Viking Age and Early Middle Ages. Being a focal point in the Baltic Sea, with extensive contacts both East and West, the island and its people had a unique position as a trading center. This year, from July11-August 10, we will be excavating a Viking Age site on the southeastern coast to see what types of activities have occurred in the area.

The course is interdisciplinary and comparable with university studies in archaeology, with most lectures and teaching of investigation techniques carried out by university personnel. The course runs eight hours a day, five days a week. Students will receive an introduction to basic aspects of field excavation techniques, which will be applied during excavation. In the field, students will process, classify, register and study excavated material. In addition to the daily excavations, students will further learn about the history of Gotland by way of organized excursions to cultural sites on the island. Courses will be taught in English. 

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