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Work as foreigner?


Hello there!          

My name is Bryan, 28, I’m french and I willing to work in archaeology in the US. So I’m here to ask to evaluate my chance to achieve this aim please.

First I know we need a working visa, and I assume it’s a big deal.  Do the companies in archaeology are able to deliver this kind of visa?

Second thing, my profile. I got a history licence and a professional Master degree in Archaeological field, my speciality is about the preventive rescue before a construction.  I ve done years as volunteer or trainee, not as much as contractual employee, but on all kind of field and period.

How is the employment market in US (in France it’s terrible)? What about my chances? I plan to apply on the jobs offer on the website, but before, I just wanted to check if as a foreigner it’s a big issue or not.

Any suggestion to help me is very welcome. Cheers

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In my opinion getting a job in the US will be very difficult for you. The pay is fairly low compared to other fields that require such high levels of education, and most companies would not want to go through the hassle of a work visa. There are more people with degrees than jobs available in US archaeology so it's not easy finding full time employment even for US citizens.

I don't want to be totally discouraging though. You could always turn your disadvantage into an advantage by concentrating your job search on positions available in Louisiana or French Canada. I can imagine companies in these areas being more open to hiring you because you would bring a unique background that's pertinent to those regions.

Good Luck!

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Thank you so much to have taken the time to answer me!

The pay is not a problem (it's been a while since I given up to make money in archeo), but we have the same issue here as I understand: more people than job...

Indeed I was counting with this fact, like maybe bring something specific from my experiences.  My chances look really poor, but if the companies are able to give working visa, I will give a try.

Thank again for your advice. Any complementary detail still welcome of course. :)

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Are you looking to come over for the sake of having an archaeology job, or because you'e interested in North American archaeology? 

If it's the former, consider Australia. They have some sort of thing for international young people (under 30), to come and work. You get two 6month work permits, that you can combine for a full year. There are a lot of people who've done that and have it transition to a real visa after that first year. I forgot the name of the program, you're going to have to look it up. Also, field archaeology in Australia tends to pay more than any other country. 

If it's the latter, have you looked at Canada? They also have some international type programs. 

Here's the deal: Archaeology companies will not pay for a visa. I have met the rare working archaeologist here that is from another country. Typically it involves coming here for school and then I'm assuming overstaying their visa. I don't ask so I don't know the specifics. Maybe come here for a doctorate, become a rockstar specialist and get hired by one of the few companies with money that actually give a shit about research and quality of work? 

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I see you re talking about the Working Holiday Visa... I know it well, cause I'm just coming back from one year thank to this visa in Australia! ^^ So anyway there were no opportunities in archaeology there, mainly because the aboriginal culture is too different. But it gave me the chance to improve my english, even if it still quite terrible x)
To do a doctorate would be not so easy for me, and it was not a plan.But who know?

Sound like mostly impossible to work in US as I thought... anyway thank you guys!

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WhatamIdoing, All companies e-verify and nobody's getting hired without filling out the I-9 form. I wouldn't worry too much about having to work with someone who "shouldn't be here".


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