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BA Graduate Seeking Field Tech Work For 2018! Available to relocate (Car + Driver License)!



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October 2017 – November 2017

Archaeological Field Technician
EcoPlan Associates, Inc. – Box Elder, Tooele County, UT

-Phase 1 pedestrian survey of fire-ravaged plains, mesas, and washes within the Great Basin region of Utah
-Identified lithic and ceramic artifacts, as well as historic artifacts
-UTM navigation & Garmin experience
-Documented historic and pre-historic sites using IMACS forms
-Recorded sites and historic roads using Trimble & TerraSync
-Camped during work week, practiced “Leave No Trace” principles

December 2016 – May 2017

Landscape Technician
Tech Center Maintenance Inc. – 12111 Belford Ave, Englewood, CO 80112         

-Maintained and groomed various properties within the Denver Tech Center
-Groomed parks and road median strips with riding and pushing mowers, wire trimmers, and aerators
-Labored in flower plots, prepared soil for planting and facilitated plant growth
-Shoveled snow and dispersed ice melt on sidewalks during winter months
-Operated large trucks to transport equipment, trailers, and crew members


September 2012 – January 2016

Dynasty Painting -- 4451 E. Lake Circle, Littleton, CO 80121         

-Painted exterior and interior of a multitude of commercial and private residences
-Power washed exteriors to prepare for paint
-Visited potential customers to assess supplies needed, pricing, and hazards
-Prepared bids for supervisor



August 2008 – May 2016

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Bachelor of Arts, 2016 – Major in Anthropology, Minor in Biology


June 2017 – Present

University of Denver
Certificate of Advanced Study – Geographic Information Systems (GIS)



August to December, 2015 –Teaching Assistant: ANT 2710 + ANT 4710 – Archaeological Field Research and Advanced Archaeological Field Research – MSU Denver (Not for Credit)

This field school included assisting the professor and field director in instruction of site survey and excavation of lithic artifacts at the sites Hidden Mesa Open Space, Parker, CO, and Cherokee Ranch, Castle Rock, CO. Assisted students in pedestrian survey and identification of lithic artifacts, as well as directed excavation process of one unit and instructed students on excavation technique.                                                                       

June to August, 2014 – Student: ANT 2710 + ANT 4710 – Archaeological Field Research and Advanced Archaeological Field Research – MSU Denver (For Credit)

This field school included instruction in archaeological site survey, excavation, documentation, and analysis of material culture and human remains discovered at the site Huaycán de Pariachi, Huaycán, Lima, Peru. Experience includes mapping and GPS, unit and wall profile drawing, excavation of test pits, screening of soil, cataloging and inventory of material culture, and inventory of material culture.

August to December, 2013 – Teaching Assistant: ANT 3810 Forensic Anthropology: Field/Lab Experience – MSU Denver (Not for Credit)

This field experience included assisting the professor in instruction of pedestrian survey and excavation of a simulated clandestine grave at a landfill site located in Keenesburg, CO.  Facilitated exercises for students in the field and in the laboratory and assisted in the survey, excavation, and analysis.

July, 2013 – Volunteer Research Assistant: MSU Denver Field School (Not for Credit)

This field school included instruction in the preservation, maintenance, and analysis of incomplete human skeletons interred at the sites Huaca Tupac Amaru B, Lima, Peru and el Palacio Arzobispal de Lima, Lima, Peru. Experience includes practice in handling archaeological osteological elements, in identifying large quantities of fragmented human skeletal remains, as well as assisting colleagues in photographing the bones.

January to May, 2012 – Student: ANT 3810 Forensic Anthropology: Field/Lab Experience – MSU Denver (For Credit)

This course included instruction in pedestrian survey and excavation of simulated clandestine graves at a landfill site located in Keenesburg CO.  Techniques practiced include photography of site, probing, and digging test pits. Engaged in excavation, handling of human remains, collection of items of medico-legal importance, and analysis of human remains to obtain demographic and pathological information.



Metropolitan State University of Denver Human Identification Laboratory (MSUD-HIL)

August, 2014 to May, 2015 – Laboratory Research Assistant

January, 2014 to May, 2014 – Laboratory Quality Assurance Coordinator

January, 2013 to December, 2013 – Intern Supervisor

August, 2012 to December, 2012 – Intern

- Observed and assisted in analyses and documentation of human skeletal remains

- Assisted law enforcement and forensic teams in field surveys to recover human remains

- Prepared human remain reports for Office of Archaeological and Historic Preservation as part of NAGPRA compliance

- Analyzed faunal osteological remains to report traumatic, pathological, and taphonomic processes

- Prepared faunal osteological remains reports for Denver Office of the Medical Examiner

- Assisted with forensic workshop preparation and assisted supervision of activities

- Maintained, cleaned, and organized laboratory


Brian McKee, PhD

Principal Investigator, EcoPlan Associates, Inc.

701 W Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ 85210
(520) 624-4326

Jonathan Kent, PhD

Professor of Anthropology, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Department of Sociology and Anthropology
PO Box 173362, Campus Box 28
Denver, CO 80217-3362
(303) 556-2933


Christiane Baigent, MSc

Former Laboratory Coordinator and Interim Director, Metropolitan State University of Denver Human Identification Laboratory (MSUD-HIL)

Lowell Heiny Hall
114 Peach Valley Dr
Carbondale, IL 62903
(720) 635-3525


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