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You can delete my topic - but Great Basin Institute still a fraud


Some in-house scrubbing, Jennifer?
Easier to delete, than discuss the merits of what I'm saying.

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I don't think the issue here is Jen enforcing a censorship of your opinion on that particular company. While I do agree that this type of thing should be talked about amongst us field archys, I do not think this is the place for it. Sure we all have differing experiences and opinions of certain companies we've worked for......

But, plainly we all get jobs here. Archaeologyfieldwork has been and continues to be a great source to scout jobs. Sure you can job hunt elsewheres but It would stink if companies stopped posting here because they viewed this site as unprofessional etc.  

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Point taken L_L -

I believe this speaks to the greater issue of companies exploiting archaeological field technicians.

Less pay for more work, limited or non-existent per diem, no travel to project area. Nothing field techs don't understand. Sadly, the industry has turned into a temporary labor industry (On-call, temporary, seasonal) and companies like GBI exploit that. They simply have no business being in the arch industry.

I'm just calling them out, but the list is long and growing. I've simply had enough of this crap.


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