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Master of Applied Anthropology, Field Work, Seeking to Relocate


7307 Swift Ln. Boise,ID 83704

Phone*208-409-7694 E-mail*


Joseph Hall-Holton



December 2017                                                                                                       Boise State University

Master of Applied Anthropology                                                 


June 2016                                                                                                                 Boise State University

B.S. in Anthropology

Emphasis in Archaeology


December 2013                                                                                                         Boise State University     

B.S. in Political Science

Emphasis in American Government and Public Policy


Work Experience

May 2017 – Present                                                                                       Bureau of Land Management

Title and Position                                                                          Cultural Resources Intern/Archaeologist

Supervisor                                                                                                   Lois Palmgren (208) 384-3344


June 2016 – Present                                                                                                           Matheson Flight

Title and Position                                                                                         Break Shift Supervisor/Handler

Supervisor                                                                                                   Matt Edgington (208) 880-3643


Oct. 2014 – Dec. 2014 (Seasonal)                                                                                                       U.P.S.

Title and Position                                                                                                                  Seasonal Driver

Supervisor                                                                                                            Tad Cazier (208) 830-7363


Apr. 2014 – Sept. 2014 (Seasonal)                                                                                                    PatRick

Title and Position                                                                                         Wild-land Firefighter (Hand Crew)

Supervisor                                                                                                     Zach Thorndyke (208) 340-1030

Relevant Experience:

Management of a Federal archaeological survey, site monitoring, lab and excavation, map editing in ArcGIS, NHPA, ARPA, NEPA, NAGPRA compliance training, editing and research within Federal databases, writing site reports, operation of Federal vehicles, D.O.T. certified, GPS, Trimble and map reading, presenting data, SPSS, wild-land firefighting, political campaign experience, Microsoft Office proficient, technical writing, sales and customer service, multi-line phone, office equipment, conference and medical lab.

*Volunteer experience & references available upon request

Relevant Coursework

Archaeology Field School, Archaeology Research Lab, G.I.S., Cultural Resources Mgmt., Soils Analysis for Archaeology, Environmental Anthropology, Environmental Politics, Public Administration, State & Local Government, Environmental Health, Environmental Studies, Environmental Geology, Climatology, Natural Resource Economics, Leadership Skills, Advanced Political Science Methods (Stats), Geoarchaeology, Hunter-Gatherers, Post-Pleistocene Adaptations, Evolution and Human Behavior



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