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MS Looking for full-time work, Willing to Relocate



I am a forensic anthropologist specializing in comparative anatomy and osteology. I have completed a MSc with merit in Anatomy and Advanced Forensic Anthropology at the University of Dundee, Scotland. My long term career goal is to obtain a position that applies my forensic anthropology experience and my linguistic abilities. I have an interest in international work and I am trained in Disaster Victim Identification, and I am currently contracted with Kenyon International as a Team Member.


My professional skills include comparative osteology, 3D Computed Tomography volumetric rendering, human cadaver dissection preservation of archeological artifacts, museum artifact 3D replicate scans (prep for 3D printing) and animal tissue sampling. Functionally fluent in French, specializing in French linguistics, Francophone dialects, and French-English/English-French translation techniques.


I have attended Odyssey Field School in Cyprus. I will be continuing a field study into the analysis of enthesial development of this population this coming summer season.


University of Dundee - MSc in Anatomy and Advanced Forensic Anthropology with Merit  2016

Courses: Human Gross Anatomy, Disaster Victim Identification, Anthropology as an Expert Witness, and Developmental Juvenile Osteology

Thesis: Development of a protocol for use of Computed Tomography (CT) imaging in sex estimation using the Phenice Method.        

Louisiana State University - BA in Anthropology                                                                   2014

Courses: Physical Anthropology, Archeology, Paleoecology, Forensic Anthropology, Linguistics, Cultural Anthropology          

Louisiana State University - BA in French                                                                             2014

Courses: French Linguistics, French Culture, French Literature, French Language

Study Year abroad: L’Université de Franche Comté, Besaçon, France (2012/13)


      Comparative Osteology: Identifying the originating species based on known osteology, and in humans age morphology

      Gross Anatomy Dissection: Thiel and Formaldehyde Dissection techniques

      Forensic Anthropology: Identification techniques for Biographic investigation; expert witness testimony, Dental Identification and related pathologies

      Archeological Artifact Preservation: Maintenance of collected wood samples from underwater archeological sites

      Paleoecology: Drill collection of particles from coral banding for strontium testing

      Animal Studies: Raising, care, and dissection of Laboratory Rodents for Dietary Studies

      Statistics: Ongoing learning in Multivariate Statistics with current projects

      French Linguistics: Francophone morphology and dialect development


Student Researcher | Odyssey Field School                                      June – August 2017, June 2018

The Cypriot population is a largely unstudied population within the archeological community, and Odyssey Field School requires time and dedication to amend that gap. The project is currently identifying ancestral traits, osteoarthritic patterns, pathological expression, and trauma analysis from within this population. I am consulting with the director on statistical analysis of recorded field data.

Team Member | Kenyon International Emergency Service                                 August 2017- present

Kenyon International requires a rotational group of experienced individuals to be available at a moment’s notice in cases of mass disaster.

Student Assistant | University of Dundee Anatomy Lab (CAHID)                                          June 2016

The Anatomy Department required further analysis into Thiel preserved prosections of donated cadavers. Also assisted in creation of digital learning sources for future exhibits within the Anatomical Museum.

Student Assistant | LSU DIVA Lab                                                                         Aug 2013 to Mar 2014

The Digital Imaging and Visualization Archaeology (DIVA) lab conducts research on Osseous material and artifacts from Ancient Mayan sites within Belize.

      Artifact Preservation: Preserving the waterlogged wood samples by maintaining a similar environment

      Comparative Osteology: Identification of fish species from mass collections obtained from archaeological site.

      3D Scanning: Obtaining a high quality scan of artifacts for the purpose of 3D rendering and printing for museum display.

Student Assistant | LSU Paleoecology Lab                                                          Jan 2012 to May 2012

The LSU Paleoecology Lab conducted research on the chemical makeup of coral reefs based on chronological changes due to environment.

Student Assistant | LSU Human Ecology Lab                                                                  Aug 2010 to May 2012

The LSU Human Ecology Lab conducted rodent and mice experiments regarding physiological effects of sugar levels on diabetes.

Substitute Teacher | Fairfax County Public Schools                                                Feb 2017- Present

Fairfax County Public Schools require available educated individual to be available to step in for the county’s teachers. Teaching experiences acquired has been at the primary school levels. 

Data Analytics/ Open Source Intern | Leidos                                                          Jul 2014 to Apr 2015

Government Contractor

      Analysis and creation of a gold standard set of annotations for use in evaluating research natural language text processing software and identifying possible sources of error.

Linguistic Intern and Program Support Intern| SAIC  Summers 2011 to 2013

Government Contractor

        Comparative linguistic analysis of open source news agencies.

        Ethno-linguistic analysis of North African news reports.

        Analysis of informational discrepancies as observed across francophone and English open news sources and the overall effect it has on informational network building.


Forensic Anthropology Teaching Assistant at George Washington University, 2015

Formaldehyde Dissection Assistantship for Medical Illustration at Howard University, 2010-2011

Software Program Training:

OsiriX; Amira; ImageJ; InVesalius3D; CRANID; FORDISC; NextEngine Scanner Software

Foreign Languages:

French (Native fluency: Reading, Writing, and Speaking)


Computer Programming, Basic Medical Illustration, Facial Reconstruction, Anatomical Dissection, Linguistics, International Studies and Travel, and Animal Rescue and Training


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