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Rock Art Archeology, Peru


Rio Loco Rock Art Archaeological Project, Peru


Project directors:        Alexander Herrera Wassilowski, Ph.D.

                                   Carmen Pérez Maestro, Ph.D.c.

Affiliation:                   Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

                                   Universidad de Alcalá, Spain

                                   PUNKU - centro de investigación andina, Perú


This study of rock art archeology in the Rio Loco basin of the Nepeña Valley (Ancash Region, Peru) focuses on the development of landscapes produced by past societies and the roles that places with rock art played in them. As well as producing knowledge on the rock art though non-invasive techniques based on digital photography, field surveys and excavations, the project will work with local communities to develop strategies for the conservation of rock art sites and the surrounding natural landscape. The project also seeks to recover oral traditions, contribute to the affirmation of local identities, and promote the custody of rock art sites in the face of anthropogenic and environmental threats.

We call for students, specialists and people passionate about archaeology:

Ø  Discover the archaeology and culture of the Pacific coast and Cordillera Negra highlands of Peru.

Ø  Take part in field surveys, excavations and rock art recording.

Ø  Visit the Archaeological Museum of Andean Tecnologies

Ø  Share this experience working with local communities

Discover the past of the Andes with us


Field season 1  August 13th to 27th 

Field season 2  September 3rd to 17th

Cost per field season: $1000


Transport  Lima - Moro (return)

Full board accomodation in a comfortable hostel (3 meals a day  for 15 days; shared bedrooms)

Archaeological instruction and supplies

Entrance fees and transportation to museum and archaeological site visits.

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