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Recent MA graduate looking for job in southern Kansas/northern Oklahoma area

Jonathan Coffey

Jonathan coffey

629 Sylvan Ln                                                                                                                        

Wichita, KS 67218                                                       



            2017               Master of Arts in Anthropology                       Wichita State University

                                    Emphasis: Archaeology                                   GPA: 3.92

            2014               Bachelor of Science in Earth Science       Emporia State University

                                    Minor: Anthropology                                GPA: 3.04

Survey Reports

2016    Report of a Phase II Archaeological Survey of Proposed Pipeline Route in Crawford County, Kansas.

            Authors: Dr. Donald J. Blakeslee, Jonathan Coffey, Joan Bayles, Rowena Butner



2017-Present    Freelance Archaeologist

Perform surveys and excavations at a multicomponent archaeological site in Southeast Kansas, use GPS unit to record features and artifacts, document and clean recovered artifacts, develop illustrations of site using ArcGIS.

 2016-2017       Graduate Research Project

Conducted historic and prehistoric research regarding trails in South-Central Kansas, utilized ArcGIS to find unrecorded trading trail, performed physical survey of trail to confirm its attribution to the discovered trail.

 2015-2017       Graduate Assistant

Wichita State University, Anthropology Department

Maintained archaeology laboratory, recorded and processed artifacts, assisted in scholarly research, recorded artifacts from Bureau of Land Management collections in digital database, created standard operating procedure for recording artifacts.

2016                Mammoth Tusk Excavation

Utilized excavation methods to uncover tusk, placed plaster cast on tusk, and prepared tusk for removal and transportation.


2016                Archaeological Survey

Utilized exploratory survey methods and shovel tests for a Phase II archaeological survey, assisted in writing professional archaeological report on findings.


 2016                Forensic Investigative Survey

Worked with Butler County Police Department on forensic survey utilizing archaeological excavation methods.

 2015-2016       Archaeology Field School

Fieldwork at the Tobias and Etzanoa archaeological sites in South-Central Kansas including using Total Station to establish grids, digging 1x1m test pits, and assisted the National Park Service in their survey of Etzanoa using magnetometers.

 2013-2014       Office Assistant to Delaware Tribe Historic Preservation Officer

Corresponded with private and public institutions regarding projects of interest to the tribe, created computerized finding agent for collection of tribal artifacts and letters, illustrated 19th century tribal land allotments in Northeast Kansas using ArcGIS.


2013                Kansas Archaeology Training Program

Trained in archaeological field and laboratory methods including digging test pits and using metal detectors, assisted in artifact recovery and cleaning.


2017    “The Kiowa Trail”

39th Flint Hills Archaeological Conference

            Arkansas City, Kansas


2016    “Deals, Disease, and Dastardly Politicians: Delawares in Kansas”

Lambda Alpha Conference

            Wichita State University, Kansas     

Courses Taken

            CRM Archaeology                   ArcGIS                                   

            Archaeology Field Methods     Sedimentation and Stratigraphy                      

Geomorphology                       Geoarchaeology and Paleoseismology

Technical Skills

Experience in archival and scholarly research, artifact processing, field excavations, site surveying, handheld GPS units, Total Station grids, and metal detecting. Proficient in ArcGIS, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint.




Dr. Peer Moore-Jansen

Department Chair and Professor of Anthropology

Wichita State University



Dr. Donald J. Blakeslee

Professor of Anthropology

Wichita State University



Dr. Brice Obermeyer

Delaware Tribe Historic Preservation Officer and Associate Professor of Anthropology

Emporia State University




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