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Australia - Advanced Practicum in Maritime Archaeology – Short Course


Advanced Practicum in Maritime Archaeology – Short Course

This topic is a practicum which provides students with opportunities to participate in the workplace environment. Occasionally, maritime archaeology fieldwork opportunities arise in which students may assist government agencies, consultancy firms, non-profit groups, or other universities. This topic provides students with the ability to participate in these projects and receive one-on-one guidance and instruction with immediate feedback on their performance. This practicum will allow students to put their theoretical learning into practice, develop a sense of the workplace, enhance their employment prospects through additional training, build a network of contacts, and develop a range of personal and professional work skills.

SCUBA diving qualifications are not required for participation. The body of the topic will comprise course work on the principles, theory and method of marine geophysics for archaeology. One day will be spent in the field, to acquire data, while another will be devoted to interpretation and reporting as would be expected in a professional environment. Theory and taught coursework will cover an introduction to sidescan, marine magnetometer, sub-bottom and multi-beam. Field data will be gathered and interpreted using sidescan data only.

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Dates: November 3, 2018 – November 18, 2018

Cost:      Overseas Participant

                AU$3,350 tuition fee (inclusive of GST)


                Non-Flinders University Australia Students

                AU$2,133 postgraduate topic fee (inclusive of GST)


                Practicum Fee: AUD$50 (local transport, equipment)


Accommodation: All accommodation is to be arranged by the individual.


Credit:  Overseas Participants receive a Certificate of Achievement which states that the short course is equivalent to the completion of the Flinders University topic ARCH8156, a 4.5-unit topic. Participants should be able to use this to negotiate their own credit transfer with their home institution.


Non-Flinders University Australian Students should be able to receive credit at their home institution equivalent to the value of a 4.5-unit Flinders University postgraduate topic.  This must be negotiated by individual students with their home institution prior to their making arrangements to attend the field school, and requires students to complete all assessment tasks.


Contact: Dr Jonathan Benjamin –


For more information see website: Advanced Practicum in Maritime Archaeology



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