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Historical Archaeology Field School


Indiana University of Pennsylvania Anthropology is offering two concurrent historical archaeology field schools at the site of Newport (36IN188), Pennsylvania.

July 8 - August 16, 2019

Newport, located near Blairsville, Pennsylvania, was founded circa 1780 and served as an important river town until the early 19th century. The town included several businesses, a hotel, a post office, and a wharf. The site is now completely abandoned. This year’s archaeological investigations will include shovel test pits, excavation units, geophysics, metal detecting, and artifact analysis to identify the site boundaries and gauge its archaeological integrity. Students will be exposed to both traditional and high-tech techniques with the goal of preparing them for cultural resource management and academic careers.

IUP Archaeology Field school students

ANTH 320/520 Archaeological Field School (6 credits)
An introduction to archaeological survey, field excavation, and laboratory processing. Required for all Archaeology Track students or graduate students without significant field experience.

ANTH 740 Advanced Archaeological Field Methods (4 credits):
Advanced instruction in survey and excavation field methods and technology, with an emphasis on the application of research designs to field settings, and the logistics of supervising field projects.

Variable depending on credits and undergrad or grad level. The cost can be estimated using the IUP Tuition and Fee Cost Estimator. Hosing is available through the IUP Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining or can be obtained individuals.

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