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Recent BA Grad with experience seeking Field/Lab work Eastern Idaho - Willing to travel


Christopher Tell Holenbeck

Graduating in May and will be available for field and/or lab work starting on May 27th

Based in Eastern Idaho, but will travel depending on the opportunity. I can provide references if interested.

*I will be studying in Italy until May 9th and can be best contacted through the email listed above. 

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology May 2019
 University of Nevada, Reno

Forensic Anthropology Center Volunteer; Texas State University October 2018
 Supervisors: Chloe McDaneld, M.A.
 Practice and reviewed skeletal data collection methods and developed a
biological profile.
 Assisted in the Operation Identification program.
 Processed human skeletal remains.

Badia Pozzeveri Field School Student Coordinator, Italy; University of Pisa June - August 2018
 Supervisor: Francesco Coschino, Ph.D., Antonio Fornaciari, Ph.D.
 Organized and coordinated student’s daily activities.
 Assisted in leading and documenting excavations.
 Gave student reviews and assisted with grading.

Field Experience in Bioarchaeology Area Supervisor, Ohio; IRLAB and Ohio State University May – June 2018
 Supervisor: Giuseppe Vercellotti, Ph.D., Francesco Coschino, Ph.D.
 Taught students excavation and documentation standards and methods.
 Led and documented excavations of an assigned area in an 18th century Ohio cemetery.

Badia Pozzeveri Field School Area Assistant, Italy; University of Pisa July - August 2017
 Supervisor: Francesco Coschino, Ph.D., Antonio Fornaciari, Ph.D.
 Assisted in leading and documenting the excavations of an assigned area.

New Salem Cemetery Relocation CRM Project Field Technician; University of Mississippi August 2016
 Supervisor: Stephen Harris, M.A.
 Located, mapped, and excavated historic burials from a late 1800’s – early 1900’s
Jackson, Mississippi cemetery.

Forensic Anthropology Methods; Texas State University June 2017
 Obtained knowledge of forensic anthropological methods for developing a
biological profile, establishing positive identification, and interpreting bone trauma.
 Collaborated with other students to practice the methods taught with
donated skeletal material.

Forensic Taphonomy; Texas State University June 2017
 Developed an introductory knowledge on the processes of human decomposition,
estimation of the post mortem interval, forensic entomology, and the effect of
scavengers and weather on bone.

Identifying Human from Non-human Bone; Texas State University June 2017
 Gained knowledge of the differences between human and non-human bone.
 Practiced applying the knowledge gained on provided human and non-human
skeletal material.

Badia Pozzeveri Field School Student, Italy; University of Pisa June - July 2016
 Performed excavations of a medieval cemetery in western Tuscany.
 Learned human osteological laboratory procedures, including cleaning,
identifying, and reconstructing fragmented remains.

 Experience using AutoCAD, ArcGIS, QGIS, and Adobe Photoshop
 Supervising and documenting excavations
 Excavating human remains
 Processing and cataloging human remains
 Osteology
 Identification of human versus non-human bone


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