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RPA Seeking Archaeology Work in Northern VA/DC/MD


Marion Ann Constante, M.A., RPA


Looking to re-enter the field of Archaeology for projects in Northern VA/DC/MD area. Experience in GIS, CRM, fieldwork, artifact analysis, and Mid-Atlantic archaeology.  Interests: Lithic technologies, environmental archaeology, paleoecology, and settlement-patterns.

2011  Master of Science: Geographic Information Systems Technology; University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
Graduated with 4.0 GPA

2006  Master of Arts: Archeological Practice; Newcastle University - Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
Thesis: A Model for Human Migration into Britain during the Late Glacial Period based on Climate Change and Reindeer Subsistence

2003  Bachelor of Arts: Anthropology; West Chester University of Pennsylvania - West Chester, PA
Minored in Geology
Graduated with 3.67 GPA 

Registered Professional Archaeologist  #989288

Current Fieldwork
2018 – Present  Banshee Reeks Chapter of the Archaeological Society of Virginia (Part-time)
* Field and lab supervisor for ongoing digs at Banshee Reeks Park, Leesburg, VA
* Participated in excavation at Clermont Farm in Berryville, VA
* Public outreach

Work History
Jan 2015 - Present  GIS Analyst; Loudoun County Office Of Mapping And Geographic Information,
Leesburg, VA
* Completed mapping and analysis products using ArcGIS Desktop and Pro, and ArcGIS Online web mapping applications.
* Mapped conservation easements as part of the Loudoun County Conservation Easement Stewardship program.
* Developed and implemented a MS Access relational database for conservation easements.
* Developed and implemented a database and mapping application for all known and unknown cemeteries in Loudoun County. 
* Interpret and research deeds, plats, survey reports, and historic documentation for the ongoing Loudoun County cemeteries project.
* Analyzed Lidar and aerial imagery to identify cultural and historic features.
* Participated in the 2015 archaeology excavation and survey of the Loudoun County Courthouse.
* Worked with the Loudoun Cooperative Extension to create a suitability analysis and web application for hops cultivation.

Feb 2013 - Dec 2014  GIS Technician; Fairfax County Park Authority Archaeology and Collections, Falls Church, VA
* Created and managed GIS data and mapping products for the Colchester Archaeology Research Team working at Old Colchester Park and Preserve.
* Performed spatial analysis on artifact data.
* Developed a 3D model from archaeological and historic data of the 18th century port town of Colchester Virginia.
* Performed remote sensing to identify cultural features using Worldview - 2 and aerial imagery.
* Translated local coordinates into real world coordinates using ArcGIS.
* Worked with the lab manager to develop a relational database using Access for artifact data and GIS analysis.
* Digitized feature drawings and unit profiles using AutoCAD
* Field collection of test unit points using the Total Station and Trimble.
* Managed a project to convert a late 1970s archaeology survey into a GIS database. 
* Supervised and mentored a GIS intern.

Feb 2012 - Mar 2013  GIS Specialist; GeoGRAFX Consulting, LLC, Tucson, AZ
* Applied the principles and practices of GIS in the presentation and analysis of data for the mineral exploration and mining industry.
* Completed and managed projects for clients from initial request to completion, including products for field surveys, investor presentations, reports, and resource calculations.
* Drillhole mapping and analysis, raster creation, geology map production, and resource modeling using MapInfo, Discover, Discover 3D, ArcGIS, and Surpac.

Sep 2008 - Dec 2008  Lecturer; Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA
* Lectured on Introduction to Anthropology to approximately 35 students.
* Designed course materials, including syllabus, writing assignments and exams.

Oct 2007 - Mar 2008  Archaeologist; R. Christopher Goodwin And Associates INC., Frederick, MD
* Phase I and II; Shovel Test Pit excavation, deep shovel testing, reconnaissance and pedestrian surveys, Ohio.
* Washed and catalogued artifacts
* Artifact data entry
* Drafted Sections of a report including site maps and Excel based artifact and site tables.

June 2006 - Aug 2006  Field Technician; TRC Garrow Associates Inc., Ellicott City, MD
* Phase I field survey; site survey and Shovel Test Pit excavation, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Aug 2005 - Sep 2005   Field Assistant; John Milner Associates Inc., West Chester, PA
* Phase 1 field survey; site survey and Shovel Test Pit excavation, Valley Forge National Historical Park, Valley Forge Pennsylvania. 

May 2005 - June 2005  Crew Chief; Pine Forge Research and Documentation Project, West Chester University, West Chester, PA
* Test Unit and Shovel Test Pit excavation of an early 18th century iron forge and manor home at Pine Forge Pennsylvania. 
* Washed, bagged, and catalogued artifacts
* Researched land records for site report
* Assisted the supervision and training of field school students.

Field Schools
May 2007 Field Techniques; Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne UK 
* Excavation on a North-eastern English farm dating back to the medieval period and potential Mesolithic post-glacial lake site. 
* Preformed excavation of test units within the medieval rig-and-furrow, the edge of the post-glacial lake and current peat bog, and the deepest part of the lake. 
* Recorded stratigraphy, and recovered both artifacts and paleoenvironmental samples.

May 2004 - June 2004 Field school; West Chester University of Pennsylvania, West Chester PA
* Three-week archaeological excavation at a pre-colonial multi-component site along the Brandywine Creek Floodplain in Chaddsford, PA.  
* Excavation of test units, mapping features, artifact recovery, data recording, washing and storage of artifacts, and soil flotation.

* President, Banshee Reeks Chapter of the Archaeological Society of Virginia, 2019 to Current
* Member, Archaeological Society of Virginia, 2018 to Current
* Member, American Anthropological Association, 2018 to Current
* Member, Archaeological Institute of America, 2005 to Current

* April 2005 State System of Higher Education Undergraduate Anthropology Conference, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Heather Wholey; "A Paleoecological Study of the Late Archaic Period in Southeastern Pennsylvania"
* Jan 2014 Mount Vernon GIS Symposium; "Terrain Modeling and 3D Historic Reconstruction at Old Colchester Park and Preserve"
* Mar 2016 Virginia Association of Museums (VAM) Annual Conference; Finding Your Past through Local Government Partnerships Panel:"Loudoun County Lidar"
* May 2016 Loudoun County GIS Forum; "Applications of Lidar and 3D Modeling"
* Feb 2017 National Association of Counties (NACo) Legislative Conference; "Using Lidar for 3D Modeling in ESRI CityEngine"
* May 2017 Loudoun GIS Forum; "Visualization and 3D modeling"

Oct 2015 Loudoun Museum
* Analyzed and re-bagged according to cultural period the Museum's lithic collection.


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