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How many jobs at one time?


I have been doing the "on call" archaeology thing for about a year now, just for one company.  The jobs do not seem to be there, or they get cancelled, or given to full time workers, etc.   So I have been considering applying for other companies.  Do people work on call like this for more than one company at a time?  What's the right approach to this?

Have half a master's and am not going back there to finish it (although I would consider somewhere else).  Also looking for museum or other work, while I'm at it.   But I would like to be able to at least work close to full time instead of work for 2-3 months, then 2 months off... (or weeks on/months off).  Thanks for your help!

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I am currently working on a On-Call contract. The terms of the contract included right to refuse any assignment. If your employer can't keep you consistently working you have every right to pursue other opportunities. I would just keep applying and if a conflict arises do the one that lasts longer / pays better. It's just the nature of this field and everyone understands it. If you have your heart set on advancing with a specific company then prioritize that but keep yourself employed. It is also ok to turn down an offer if you have your reasons to do so, like you already accepted another one, don't be afraid of that. Just keep applying to everything applicable to your situation.


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