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Batulia Excavation of Late Roman fortress, Bulgaria

Pavel Despotov

Project name

Excavation of Late Roman fortress, Bulgaria


Project website 


Affiliated/Sponsoring institution or company

SVOGE heritage program


Project director

Krassimira Todorova


Project description

Svoge Heritage program is seeking for volunteers and students to take part in the third season of the archaeological digs at Roman fortress in Iskar gorge.

The successful previous digs revealed a huge stronghold build in the ages of Constantinian dynasty (306–363). This is the only military outpost ever studied in this area and the excavations will give information about the military and administrative organization in the earlier stages of Byzantine Empire.

The field school place is located in tourist and ecological region not far from the main Bulgarian city - Sofia. The excavations are supported by Svoge Municipality and the local Historical community center. Practical and theoretical lectures will be given by different experts in the area of field archaeology and Roman history.

Archaeological/Cultural time period

Late Roman period (4th – 5th c. A.D.)

Project highlights to be listed with primary search results

Principles of excavations - Recording finds, Drawing cross section, Mapping site; Post excavation - Drawing and photographing finds

Season Dates:

June 28 - July 11 & July 12 - July 25, 2020

Room and Board Arrangements

The accommodation of the students is in Beliovi kasti (Belio's houses). This is a small neighborhood consisted of five houses and turned into a guest house. The complex keeps the original 18th century view of the buildings situated in a picturesque mountain area. Interior of the old houses are repaired and offers all necessary facilities.



One session (2 weeks) € 1 074

Double session (4 weeks) € 1 933

Early registration (till October 31, 2019) One session € 1 020

Early registration (till October 31, 2019) Double session € 1 826



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