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What’s up with the UAFT?


Anyone know what’s up with the United Archaeological Field Technicians?
They seem to have been most active in the 90s, but their website doesn’t show much action since the 2000s.
Are they still around?

I’m sure we could all think of plenty of reasons organizing in this industry would be difficult, but does anyone know how things went down? Or hey, maybe I’m assuming too much, if they’re still going?
If anyone could point me to other resources on development of CRM in general -outside of the legal context, that’s pretty easy to find - and its labor model in particular, that would be great!

Your Friend Josh

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I have worked in this field for 15 years and I can honestly say I have never met anyone actively involved in it. At least no one has ever brought it up during the day.

This might be a good time for it though with all the talk of raising the federal minimum wage. We should take a stand and lobby for our field. This field has been uniquely screwed for a long time. We don't even get federal rates for the most part anymore since the service act, so while there is a federal wage rate system in place, private sector doesn't have to pay those rates. Raising the minimum wage doesn't guarantee equivalent raise in our field.

Personally I think federal minimum wage legislation should have built in categories for minimum wage per qualifications i.e. minimum wage for no education, no experience or minimum wage for college degree plus experience etc. This would also help other low paying fields like school teachers. Maybe we should find some allies like the red for ed movement and take to the streets with that?


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