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Looking for Volunteer Opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area


This might be a long shot but....

I have a BA in Anthro/Archaeology and multimedia (think interactive site interpretation) from James Madison University.  I've done Field School at Montpelier and did CRM work in VA/WV/MD. Fast forward over 20yrs later, and I'm unfortunately no longer in the discipline but miss it terribly so decided to look for volunteer opportunities around San Francisco.

Experience in:  field work, mapping, site interpretation, research, preservation of photographs, lab work (artifact cleaning, labeling, preservation)

Interested in:  field work, mapping, research, learning more about the role of technology in archaeology, photo restoration, archiving techniques, etc.


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Hi strm_chaser.

I hope you found something interesting.  I have no prior experience on archaeological digs, but recently retired in the Los Angeles area, and was wondering if you had any suggestions how best to identify possible volunteer archaeologically-related field work in the Los Angeles area.  Any suggestions greatly apprciated.  Jeff


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