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Indigenous Archaeology At The Grand Ronde Reservation Oregon – Institute For Field Research


Field Methods in Indigenous Archaeology is a community-based field school in tribal historic preservation and archaeological field methods on the Grand Ronde reservation in northwestern Oregon. Students will work alongside and with the Grand Ronde Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO) to document material histories associated with education and childhood on the Grand Ronde reservation from 1855 to the early 20th century. This summer we will be assisting the Historic Preservation Office in a survey of school sites on the reservation. The Grand Ronde Agency School is unique in regards to American Indian boarding schools, as it was under the control of the tribe and tribal members served as Principals and teachers. Work at the school thus presents an opportunity to remember the material dimensions of Grand Ronde survivance and what it has meant to grow up Grand Ronde. The field school offers field training in a variety archaeological, ethnographic, and community-based field methods. Students will learn a variety of low-impact archaeological techniques for documenting tribal cultural resources including high-precision remote sensing, survey, and mapping technologies; excavation strategies; and digital storytelling and 3D modeling (photogrammetry & RTI) techniques for preserving and analyzing tribal belongings. Lectures, field trips to ancestral sites, workshops, and public outreach events will complement these essential skills and present further opportunities for students to understand the principles of tribal historic preservation and archaeological practice as they are applied by the Grand Ronde tribal nation.


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