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CRM work in New Mexico

Ready for a change? We are too. 

Beaver Creek Archaeology (BCA) is looking for the next generation of cultural resource management (CRM) professionals that want to work hard and grow their career in CRM. With demonstrable knowledge and skill in the realm of CRM, we are looking to bolster that by working with individuals interested in striving to be better than they were in the field yesterday. When working with BCA you will work on developing and implementing project-specific CRM methodology.

Archaeologists with experience working in the state of New Mexico are preferred as we are looking to expand our presence in New Mexico. BCA offers competitive wages that can rival the larger firms of the area. All Full-Time permanent staff members receive insurance coverage, paid time off, and retirement benefits. For the right archaeologist(s) we can be flexible as to their need for relocation.

BCA is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on age, sex, race, or any other affiliation.

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