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Archaeological Field Technician (Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson, and Albuquerque)

North Wind Resource Consulting

North Wind Resource Consulting, LLC, (North Wind) an enterprise of the Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI), an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), is seeking a qualified Archaeological Field Technician to assist with a cultural resources inventory projects throughout Arizona. Field Technicians can come from the Phoenix, Flagstaff/Prescott, Tucson, or Albuquerque areas. Pay will be commensurate with experience. Successful applicants will be in good physical condition and have experience performing pedestrian surveys under a variety of field conditions and have expertise recording prehistoric and historic period archaeological sites of varying complexity. The applicant should have the ability to work independently, compile detailed field notes and operate GPS for navigation and mapping is essential. Interested individuals should submit their application through the Careers page on the North Wind web site:


Applicants should have either a M.A. /B.A. degree in Anthropology or a closely related field is required, as is demonstrated experience in archaeological survey, and completion of an accredited field school. 


  • Ensures that data collected is accurate, organized and of high quality.
  • Demonstrates the ability to accurately identify historic and prehistoric artifacts and features
  • Takes photographs of field work and maintains a daily log of activities.
  • Records sites to the particular agencies’ stipulations and guidelines.
  • Works well with project members and maintain a high level of communication regarding status of work product.
  • Operate a Garmin or Trimble GPS unit
  • Performs survey duties professionally and with safely.

Physical Demands

Position will require extensive physical exertion, such as walking up to 10 hours a day at speeds of at least 3 mph over steep, uneven, heavily wooded, challenging terrain in outdoor heat /cold stress conditions and weather elements such as wind, snow or rain. Ability to carry up to 50 lbs. of equipment; ability to lift a minimum of 60 lbs.; ability to dig and excavate at least 1 cu meter per day; potential contact with poisonous plants, insects and animals.  Individual must be able to conduct these tasks while wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment.  This work may be performed in remote locations and include camping. North Wind appreciates and values its skilled employees and compensates them accordingly. Per diem and lodging costs are covered for all fieldwork.


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