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San Manuel Band of Mission Indians seeking qualifiable tribal monitors


The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians (SMBMI) is a Federally-recognized Tribe in southern Californian that maintains a close relationship with their ancestral lands and who steward this territory. This stewardship can oftentimes include the need for construction monitoring by qualified Tribal monitors for development projects and other ground-disturbing activities within Serrano ancestral territory. As such, the Cultural Resources Management Department (CRM) of SMBMI is currently in search of Tribal monitors interested in representing the Tribe during these efforts who fully or partially meet the following criteria:

  • Are familiar with the San Bernardino, Kern, Riverside, and/or Los Angeles county landscape
  • Have experience in archaeological/cultural construction monitoring
  • Possess clear communication skills
  • Have the ability to work remotely and independently
  • Have, or have the ability to obtain, DoD security clearance (preferred) 
  • Reside near Serrano Ancestral Territory (preferred)


The Tribal monitor would be under the direction of an archaeological/environmental firm (Firm), which changes on a project-to-project basis, and would remain in frequent contact with CRM via the Cultural Resource Analyst. CRM will provide project-related information to the Tribal monitor, as well as monitoring training on an as-needed basis. The Tribal monitor will be the eyes and ears for SMBMI on projects, will complete monitoring forms and any other necessary paperwork required by the Firm overseeing the monitoring effort on projects, and remain in contact with CRM concerning project activities and any cultural resource discoveries. 


Please note that this opportunity is unique in that SMBMI does not hire Tribal monitors directly. Instead, Tribal monitors operate as independent contractors. SMBMI maintains a list of approved Tribal monitors that CRM provides to the Firm as projects come forward. The Firm selects their hires independently of SMBMI, and negotiates the terms of said hire (i.e., wages, per diem, etc.) directly with the selected Tribal monitor.


 Interested applicants should send a resume to Ryan Nordness at




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