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Mobile Field Tech looking for on-call jobs



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I am interested in
 conducting survey and fieldwork in the 4 corners region. As a student, I focused much of my studies on Southwest Archaeology, and have experience handling and analyzing artifacts such as lithics, ceramics, organic materials and more. I have completed an accredited field school and volunteered in the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. I live in a camper van and spend almost all my time in the Southwest (NM especially). I can easily travel to any location I am needed in the Southwest, usually within a day’s drive.  


University of New Mexico 

BA, Anthropology                                                                                                         2019 

Area of Concentration: Archaeology  

Minor: History 

GPA 4.0 

Summa Cum Laude 


Tarleton State University                                                                                             2017-2018 

Area of Concentration: History 


Cisco College 

Associates Degree                                                                                                        2016-2018 

General Studies 



Voy Wilks Scholarship | Cisco College                                                                      2016  2018 

Ram Inc. Scholarship | Cisco College                                                                         2016  2018 

Dean’s List | Tarleton State University                                                                       2017  2018 

Amigo Scholarship | University of New Mexico                                                        2018  2019 

Dean’s List | University of New Mexico                                                                    2018  2019 



University of New Mexico Field School 

Field School Student                                                                                            June-July 2019 

Participated in the entire excavation of an Ancestral Puebloan field house in Placitas, New Mexico. 

Collected, documented, and analyzed artifacts such as ceramic sherds, lithic tools, beads, ground stone, charcoal, etc. from the field school site. Field and lab work. 


Maxwell Museum of Anthropology 

Archaeology Collections Volunteer                                                                 Aug.  Dec. 2019 

Processed a variety of artifacts from excavated legacy collections at the Maxwell Museum. Removed artifacts from original field bags, sorted by material, rebagged and tagged while maintaining provenience information.  

Inventory of collections from OCA excavations (Pittsburgh-Midway Project) 


Maxwell Museum of Anthropology 

Archaeology Collections Student Volunteer Group                                     Aug. – Dec. 2019  

Organizer of student volunteer group that met weekly to process excavated legacy collections at the Maxwell Museum. 

Taught students how to sort, rebag, and tag artifacts while documenting provenience information. 

Printed out documentation tags, organized boxes, and prepared collection for cataloguing. 




  • UNM Archaeological Field School-Completed 

  • Southwest Archaeology 

  • Strategy of Archaeology 

  • World Archaeology 

  • Archaeology Measurement and Laboratory Analysis 

  • Geographic Information Systems 

  • Class project using Maxwell Museum collections to analyze spindle whorls from CojumatlànMichoacàn, Mexico 


  • Excavate stratigraphically 

  • Grid excavation charts 

  • Feature excavation charts 

  • Excavate 10-centimeter levels 

  • Munsell soil color chart 

  • Total station 

  • GPS 

  • Document objects and sites 

  • Collect, label, and record cultural objects 

  • Collect soil samples 

  • Flotation method 

  • Microsoft Office Suite 

  • Camping/Backpacking 

  • Wilderness training 

  • First aid training 



  • “On a Whorl Wind: The Relationship of Spindle Whorl Design Type to Shape from the Excavation of the Site of CojumatlànMichoacàn, Mexico” 

  • Unpublished Research Paper 

  • “Seth Ward House: An Interactive Guide to the Santa Fe Trail” 

  • National Park Service Website  


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