Topic ID #42898 - posted 12/9/2020 8:36 PM

Difficulty in Getting a Job?


Hi there folks, I've got a rather specific question for yall. So I'm a student planning on getting a bachelors in biblical archeology and participating in ROTC... so at the end of all this I plan on serving as an officer in the army for a few years. After that I would ideally like to find work as an archeologist, I've heard a lot about archeologists having a very difficult time finding permanent jobs (especially with only a bachelors) and I don't think having my degree in biblical archeology is going to make that any easier, especially if I want a job here in the states. From yalls experience what are some of my options? Would it be possible to get a job working as an archeologist? What kind of job? Would it be best to just stay in the army for as long as possible and abandon any hopes of a career in archeology? Thank you in advance, Ivan


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