About archaeologyfieldwork.com

This website was created in 1996. As a recent college graduate, I struggled to find an archaeology job, and thought it would be helpful to build a website where this kind of information could be shared with other archaeologists. Since that time, archaeologyfieldwork.com has been online in various forms that have at times included message forums and required user registrations. In the interest of providing information that is most requested by website visitors, archaeologyfieldwork.com has changed to a streamlined format that will hopefully be easier (and faster) to navigate.

Please reach out to me if you would like to submit a fieldwork opportunity, need to make any changes to a previous post, or have any feedback about this website. Running archaeologyfieldwork.com has been a labor of love for the past 25 (!) years, and I’m hoping it will remain online for many years to come.

Thank you,

Jennifer Palmer